Tips on Cleaning Teeth and Baby's Gums that Mother Needs to Know

Although only a few baby teeth grow, it is important to maintain baby's teeth and gums health early. This habit will determine his oral health until later. Yuk Mother, look at habits that can interfere with oral health, and how to clean the baby's mouth. Baby teeth or baby teeth function to help babies learn to talk and chew. Poor oral health carries the risk of causing gingivitis or gum infection which can lead to the distance between permanent teeth later. Start Cleaning Early Baby teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. Generally, baby teeth begin to grow between the ages of 4-7 months, starting with the two front teeth. But maintaining oral health actually needs to start with cleaning the baby's mouth even when he hasn't teething. Here are ways to clean baby's teeth and gums as a guide: Clean the gums and teeth with a soft, wet cloth Wipe the gums each time the baby has finished eating with a clean, soft, wet cloth. Can also use gauze wrapped around t…
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